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Fragile message

by Pherawaty 4 months ago in love poems
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approval of the forbidden wilderness

image by Verawaty

Her heart was always the one present

Beating every message she needed to live

Only this day she didn’t understand

The beating of her heart

As it didn’t match the core of her mind

She loved

With every fiber of her being

She acted

Like she knew how

She cherished

The one she could never have

How can her heart scream

For a love that would never be

How could her heart approve

A love that is forbidden

Why did she feel all the feelings

That screamed for caressing

His soul that seems so bold

From the outside but is so

Fragile within

Despite all the doubt

She decided to take his hand

Follow the challenge of their hearts

Trying to fill the empty pieces

That was left in their soul

After a lifetime of destructions

They were forced to endure

It could be the reason

For them wanting to be together

It could be the reason

For knowing true love

In the wilderness

Of their hearts

~Magic by Jeanne

by pherawaty

love poems

About the author


a prose and poetry writer to create a new world of love, light and magic

sharing my most intimate poetry coming from my deepest emotions about heartbreaking experiences combined with messages of hope and love

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