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by Brenton F 4 months ago in heartbreak
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elevate and stabalise


a new dare couldn’t care

past the tear shouldn’t share

wouldn’t wear wasn’t there

cannot bare didn’t dare

led on and bled on

spat out and shat out

chewed up and screwed up

sucked off and fucked off


twisted, beaten, wounded, crying

shattered in a heap just wasted lying

a tentative grip at best but trying

pointless useless empty dying

exhausted blank

withered and faded

turned out burnt out

put off and jaded

sucked off and fucked off


why did everything become


an empty shell

a different hell

i wasn’t well

i was


so now you see

don’t wanna see

because of me

because of fractures

everything is made to be broken to be fractured

smashed into a million fucking atoms - fractured

smashed into a million fucking pieces - fractured

smashed into a million fucking shards - fractured


About the author

Brenton F

Greetings from Melbourne Australia. This is me shedding some of my light on the places that are not often frequented. Maybe add a smidge of dark humour or a wee dose of irony and fuel it all with a strong flat white


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