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Everyone Looks

we used to get the shit yelled through us for peeking - they knew we saw - it was an introduction to one of the many games of life

By Brenton FPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read

of course i always looked

if we ever drove past a smash

mum and dad would wobble at us

surprised that WE never crashed

a screeching chorus

don’t look don’t look

shouted relentlessly

by the same people

who used to smoke

a pack a day each

in the house

passing a fatal smash

it didn’t happen often...

but when we did

we could mouth to each other

in synch with the blast

that always came from

the front seat

don’t look don’t look

from the gaps between your fingers

or up from under your arm

there were many ways to sneak a peak

just having a quick look

not doing any harm

there’s worse things faked

or poorly portrayed

on the tv every single night

but we look

we can't help ourselves

we check to see that its not us

requiring first hand visual verification

as a way of ensuring

OUR continuing mortality

it helps us live a little more

social commentary

About the Creator

Brenton F

Greetings from Melbourne Australia. This is me shedding some of my light on the places that are not often frequented. Maybe add a smidge of dark humour or a wee dose of irony and fuel it all with a strong flat white


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