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For Fija Rose

A Poem about Friendship

By Allie BickertonPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
For Fija Rose
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I didn’t pay attention to the contents of

Your soul enough

To send you that Poem in a letter

Truth is, I’m only writing that Poem now


I told myself I would never fill your tea cup

With coffee, but I got lazy

I told myself I wouldn’t take your things to

Work, but I didn’t listen

Your red scissors are now used to cut

Parisian gnocchi

Which I find perfectly humorous

Considering you’re close to Paris

Last I checked


You told me the blood of the covenant

Is thicker than water of the womb

And you made me feel like

I was your family


A thread frayed

Was your face when you spoke about love

Rare was the absence of tenderness

Faintly delivered from your mouth

When I hear the word “wee”

I hear it in your voice

And I imagine the sound and the feeling

Of a coffee bean crushing under my foot

A good omen if you ask me today


I often wonder what you’re doing now

Desperately hoping that I’ll reach you

And find that you’re not mad at me

For losing touch

In the first place


About the Creator

Allie Bickerton

She / Her - Canada

I spent most of my life immersed in visual arts and I neglected my literacy.

Nurturing harboured emotions and poetic thoughts I’ve stashed within.

Thank you for being here! 💕

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Heartfelt and relatable

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Comments (8)

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  • ilan scribblerabout a month ago

    that's a beautiful piece of writing. great insight. subscribed. good day.

  • Gabriel Huizengaabout a month ago

    Beautiful and very relatable- relational distance is such a difficult thing to walk through. Thank you for sharing your lovely work!

  • D.L. Finnabout a month ago

    I love the depth of the emotions captured here!

  • Gina C.2 months ago

    Emotional and thought-provoking, tied together with wonderful, truly beautiful words. Thank you so much for sharing this, it moved me. 🥹❤️

  • Some beatiful words and lines here

  • Bex Jordan2 months ago

    "A thread frayed / Was your face when you spoke about love" This is so beautiful, and I understand so deeply that regret of falling out of touch with people who mean so much.

  • Joel Lippert2 months ago

    Just lovely. somewhat sad, but lovely. Just be good to yourself.

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    Such feelings of sadness evoked. I felt every emotion. Poetry truly helps to cleanse the soul. Well done. Hearted and subscribed.

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