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To Whom It May Concern

A Poem about dangerous natural Phenomena

By Allie BickertonPublished 2 months ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
To Whom It May Concern
Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell on Unsplash

I drew this conclusion

That it was my fault you even continued

The brush of your hand on me breaks me

A sudden burst of energy released

Seismic waves so great my toes could curl

Silence in the aftershock of me saying no

A fatal error in disguise as a good thing

A decision that made me want to hurl

And I haven’t forgotten my little problem

The one that causes a big stink

I wish there was a way for me to fix it

So there’d be no reason to hold back

And think I’m not good enough

For you to really love me

And still, I can’t shake you

When did I get so tough?


Unplanned and by our own doing

Our worlds entwine

The thought is offensive

Crowding my corners

You displace half of my water

A sudden influx creates a storm

Bringing venomous sea snakes

Onlookers document while I place a cotter

A harmless to harmful bloom occurrence

The analysis of the bloom’s negative

Effect is fifty fifty in hindsight

I used to think it was all you

Waves churn persistent bubbles

As the surface tension reaches its peak

Surfactants only contribute

To the toxic secretions that spill trouble


The crest of every wave of your attention

Attracted me to your brightness

Worming your way through

My imagination filled with mystery

An eerie and inhuman blue glow

I fell into your milky sea

Encapsulated in the very essence

Of beings far from this show

Clusters of bioluminescent bacteria

Open windows into a world unknown

Luminous sparkles float

Up on the coasts

And people come to look

Denying something so lovely

They will not do

A chance I never took


The sentiment forms a brinicle

When you look at me

Your cryptic offerings

A reminder of my imperfection

For a moment you freeze me

And rub salt in the grooves

It’s a good thing no one knows we existed

I tossed it all in the sea

I’ve imagined what lurks

In the depths of what could have been

If I tell myself not to follow this path

I can’t get stuck in the crystalline structure

The intelligence of your soft-spoken

Subtle body

But, I’m already here

Left hanging and broken


I scream into the sky

The cathartic gesture reverberates

Inside my mind of gum

The unwelcome guest in a nightmare

Rears it’s head

A rising twist of air blazing

For miles with irrevocable devastation

Whirling flames lick me til I’m dead

If I had made the change

That I deemed so necessary to begin with

Unpredictable in nature

A tornado on the bleak horizon

A horse whipped up in the spark

Even if you didn’t want me

Then maybe I could find myself

Alone in the dark


Special Thanks:

I wouldn’t have written this Poem if it weren’t for Bex Jordan. Bex, if you’re reading this, you inspired me to research scientific findings and relate them to human emotions. You did it so well in your Poem, “Half-Life”, and I think everyone else that is reading this should go over and read your Poem as well. It was amazing. Thank you for that, and thank you for inspiring the flow of the creative process used to bring this to life.

References and Citations:

In the first line of the third stanza, “The crest of every wave of your attention”, was taken from Charles Darwin’s Beagle diary. Written on October 24th, 1832, it reads,

“As far as the eye reached, the crest of every wave was bright; & from the reflected light, the sky just above the horizon was not so utterly dark as the rest of the heavens.”

Darwin’s famous book, ‘Voyage of the Beagle,’ was inspired by his documentations recorded in The Beagle diary.



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About the Creator

Allie Bickerton

She / Her - Canada

I spent most of my life immersed in visual arts and I neglected my literacy.

Nurturing harboured emotions and poetic thoughts I’ve stashed within.

Thank you for being here! 💕

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  • suman mohan26 days ago

    Nice story!

  • Madison Newton26 days ago

    A beautiful and powerful poem, well done!

  • I really enjoyed reading this. I also love the way you highlighted the person who inspired you to write it.

  • Bex Jordanabout a month ago

    OH Allie, this is incredible! I had to read it over and over, there is so much *meaning* layered in every line. I love it. Also, I appreciate the shout-out so much (although I feel unworthy).

  • Donna Reneeabout a month ago

    This is so beautiful. I’ve read it several times over and it is just darkly gripping from the very start! I especially love the feel of this part too— “I’ve imagined what lurks In the depths of what could have been”. 😩

  • D.L. Finnabout a month ago

    Beautiful with flowing images. I enjoyed the science weaved into it.

  • I loved the flow of this and the main image is wonderful. Great work

  • Scott Wadeabout a month ago

    This is a Beautiful poem and an emotive journey Allie. The connection of scientific findings to emotions is masterful. 🥰

  • My goodness! This was so breathtakingly beautiful! It was so deep and emotional! I read Bex's poem a few days back and was very impressed. The concept was very creative. I love how you included stuff from Darwin. This poem is absolutely magnificent! I've hearted and subscribed to you!

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