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Food (insecurity)

A poem

By G. A. BoteroPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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It’s simple

You plant a seed

add some water and light





Breaking through the brown


It a miracle


when you think about it

A dry speck of cells

dead by all measures

produces life

So basic kindergartners do it

Accidental — life happens

Happens when you throw the apple core and miss the can

When you spit a seed in a field as far as you can

A new plant

potential food

So why

Do children die

Surrounded by flies

Death already in their eyes?

Food is so cheap

Modern nations

Destroy and rot

just to keep prices up

How can I explain to the kid

That her mom will steal and cheat

To get something to eat

for her — the kid

As she herself cries to sleep

I can’t explain

I don’t know that pain

But I feel it everyday

When I see her beg on the streets

See them dying on the screens

For only $1.59 a day

But that commercial has been on TV since I was three

And nothing seems to change

It’s simple really

You plant a seed; add some water and light

Wait. Wait

Maybe it’s not

social commentary

About the Creator

G. A. Botero

I have a million bad ideas, until a good one surfaces. Poetry, short stories, essays.

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