Folly of the Lilies

A Poem of Survival

Folly of the Lilies

To those whom have gone before me, I beseech you;Take a moment out of your 'perfect', busy lives;Stop what you are doing and go to your window.

Set your gaze on the images passing before you;Look!

Do not let your liver turn into a lily...take a good, long look at what wafts before you.

Do you see?

See the moment when you informed my psyche I was worthless;the moment when you taught me how to be unloved;the moment when you showed me betrayal was a normal act for one so unlovable;the moment where you taught me it was never safe to trust;the moment you taught me to accept abuse;the moment you groomed me to not put up a fight;the moment you tightened the noose around my slender neck and sat, insidiously, waiting for me to trip and hang.

Do you see!

Years of torture now causes me to stumble and feel that piercing rope.The ability to let go of the defenses of my walls has long since broken.

Doubts flood my mind because of the suffering you inflicted.Each and every one of you raped me in some twisted fashion to serve your own individual pleasures.

You taught me to see myself as nothing;as something nobody could ever want nor love.Your eyes gleamed with immeasurable pleasure as you watched me submit to your assaults.

As you continue to peer out the window, you seize;For one final image hastens forward.

Look! See!

It is I!

I am dressed as one ready for a dual;slowly, agonizingly so by your account, I peel my blood-stained glove off each finger.

Then, as the last finger is freed, I look up, catch your gaze, and see the sheer terror in your pasty face.

With the might of women come before me as overcomers of guile, I fling my glove to the frozen ground.The strength of my predecessors swirls around inside me as I stare into your grotesque faces.

Face me you cowards!

Let us see if your split-tongued words are true!

One by one you turn your backs to me as you slither away.You know exactly who and what I am, and you put forth a mighty effort to destroy me.

If I did not exist, none of my loves would be living;You saw what I could become and thus attempted to murder me.

Resilience has been my friend and guide on the path of survival.Despite the rape and attempted murder of me, I have won.I have found the tools to build the path you longed to vanquish.

Now is the time for you to be destroyed as I become a woman who sees her power and worthiness.No longer scrapping a way between the pages of lost words, I am putting pen to paper and will no longer be ignored.

You who spent years tearing me down,watch now as I rise as a phoenix and crush you in your own folly.

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Elizabeth Adolphi

As a child I had a flair for the dramatic; as an adult, the flair has turned into a subtle, yet continuous hum. I love to see the world through different scopes and to tell stories based on the takeaway. Cheers!

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