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Flyrannosaurus: T-Rex of the Sky

And why it persistently failed to fly

By Ian VincePublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read

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A long time ago in a tropical swamp

Lived violent giants with teeth that could chomp

Among them, a T-Rex with exotic ideas

Of flying with grace in the sky without fear

His dream was huge, but it was all in vain

Such ideas are too big for a tiny brain

He tried flapping arms that were short and stunted

They didn't give him the lift that he wanted

He tried jumping from trees and swishing his tail

He didn't know much, but he knew he had failed

He tripped over rocks and forgot to land

The ground remembered and cancelled his plans

He longed to fly like the Pterosaurs

And was very determined to conquer his flaws

But, with short arms, hefty weight, and not one wing

Blue sky thinking is a terrible thing

His very last effort as the asteroid struck

Flyrannosaurus became seriously unstuck

He finally flew, in the dinos’ last stand

Just as his friends were wiped from the land

Flyrannosaurus, the last of all herds

Left the skies free at last for his cousins, the birds


About the Creator

Ian Vince

Erstwhile non-fiction author, ghost & freelance writer for others, finally submitting work that floats my own boat, does my own thing. I'll deal with it if you can.

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    Ian VinceWritten by Ian Vince

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