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By katyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In gardens lush where colors bloom,

Flowers dance in the sun's warm gloom.

Petals soft as a lover's touch,

Their fragrance sweet, a gentle clutch.

In fields of gold and meadows fair,

Flowers sway without a care.

Each one unique, a work of art,

Nature's masterpiece, from heart to heart.

Roses red, the symbol of love,

Sentiments whispered in petals above.

Daisies white, with innocence pure,

In their midst, dreams find their allure.

Tulips tall, in hues so bright,

Painting rainbows in morning light.

Lilies elegant, in robes of white,

Their beauty captivating, day or night.

Sunflowers, with faces turned,

Toward the sun, from which they've learned.

Their golden smiles, a sight to behold,

In fields of green, they stand bold.

From the tiniest bud to the grandest tree,

Flowers grace the earth, wild and free.

In their delicate beauty, we find solace,

A reminder of life's enduring grace.

So let us cherish each bloom we see,

In gardens, forests, by the sea.

For in the presence of flowers, we find,

A glimpse of heaven, in the earthly bind.

nature poetry

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