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Flames of Resilience


By Raj’s VocalPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Flames of Resilience
Photo by Nguyen Duc Khoi on Unsplash

In the heart of the blaze,

A dance of red and gold,

The flames of resilience ablaze,

In a story yet untold.

From embers rise the phoenix,

Defying all that's dire,

In the midst of chaos and panic,

They soar higher and higher.

The inferno may rage on,

But within the flames, we find,

Strength and courage, never gone,

A spirit pure and kind.

So let the fires burn bright,

In the face of trials and tests,

For in the darkness of the night,

Our resolve will never rest.

Flames of resilience, fierce and strong,

A beacon in the dark,

Guiding us when things go wrong,

Lighting the way, a spark.

So let the flames burn bright,

In our hearts, in our soul,

Through the trials, through the fight,

We'll emerge, once again whole.

For in the flames of resilience,

We find our truest essence,

Burning bright in defiance,

A testament to our presence.

So let the fires burn on,

In the depths of our being,

For in the flames we are reborn,

As a force, unyielding.

nature poetry

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Raj’s VocalWritten by Raj’s Vocal

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