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Flames of Passion

by Briana Willis 4 years ago in love poems
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Lover's Flames

I lie awake in my bed,

Aching for You

For Your sweet touch,

Your sweet kisses and caresses

For Your sweet words of love and


For Your sweet words of


I feel Your lips upon me,

Showering upon me Your sweet


Our fire of passion is lit,

And suddenly.

I am intoxicated

Your presence is sweet as wine,

Your lips are soft as silk,

But with strong and deep intentions

You take Your time with me,

Lavishing Your delicious and heady


This is Our love and under

The moon,

You pour your intoxicating

Love over me

And my form

You are mine and I am Yours, my Love

Ravish me once again, my Husband

love poems

About the author

Briana Willis

Hello fellow artists!!

Thanks for reading my poems and stories. I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment on what your thoughts are.

Thanks!! 😊😊

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