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The Love of the Forest

by Briana Willis 4 years ago in nature poetry
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The Heart of a Wood Elf

I love the woods.

I believe I've the heart of a wood elf.

Chills caress my pale skin

As the winds roar and silver clouds

Begin to swirl

At first, light rain comes down,

And I look up

Lightly fluttering my lashes as

Droplets fall on them.

I can feel my heart pounding

And excitement kicks in as the

Thunder rolls louder and louder.

I can't help the smile that spreads

Across my face.

I fly through the forest,

The wet wind in my red hair,

And I know I'm home

nature poetry

About the author

Briana Willis

Hello fellow artists!!

Thanks for reading my poems and stories. I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment on what your thoughts are.

Thanks!! 😊😊

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