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Final Hour

Ultimate Test of Courage and Resilience

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Final Hour
Photo by Mc James Gulles on Unsplash

The final hour draws near,

As the clock ticks down without fear,

The end of all we know,

As we face the final blow.

The sands of time slip away,

As we ponder on our last day,

The memories flood our mind,

Of all we leave behind.

The sun sets on our fate,

As we realize it's too late,

To change what has been done,

Or the battles we have won.

We face the darkness ahead,

As we embrace what lies ahead,

The unknown beckons us on,

To a new world, we will spawn.

The final hour is upon us now,

As we take our final bow,

We say goodbye to all we love,

As we journey to the world above.

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