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The Haunted Mind

Confronting the Demons Within

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Haunted Mind
Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

Within the depths of my mind,

Lies a darkness hard to find,

Whispers of the past that linger,

Haunt my thoughts with a deathly finger.

The memories buried deep within,

Resurface with a ghastly grin,

And the ghosts of the past,

Haunt me relentlessly, unmasked.

Their whispers echo in my ears,

As I try to escape my fears,

But the demons within won't let go,

And I'm trapped in this haunting show.

The haunted mind is a prison,

A place where the ghosts of the dead have risen,

And the only way out is to face,

The demons within, with courage and grace.

So I gather my strength and stand,

Against the darkness that commands,

And I fight with all my might,

To escape this haunted plight.

Slowly but surely, I break free,

From the ghosts that once haunted me,

And I emerge from the darkness anew,

Stronger and braver than before, it's true.

The haunted mind is no longer my prison,

For I have conquered the ghosts with reason,

And I live my life with newfound light,

Free from the terrors of the haunted night.

surreal poetrysad poetryheartbreakfact or fiction

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