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FAO: The Corruption Brigade

No good news here

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Speaking of lengths and extraordinary measures.

Extending one’s reach beyond that which is comfortable

in extenuating circumstances for an additional allowance and continuance.

Sinister minds think up these things,

caged entities with no true connection to soul and self,

meticulously dissecting fragments of time into a commodity that renders the most feasible, justifiable, and apex score of financial return.

They consistently confine creativity, to reduce it to an acceptable crucible of control.

If you ask me,

I will tell you.

Bastards, all of them.

Corruption of pure hearts and minds brings recompense

that far exceeds any punitive measure in your realm

and is unavoidable.

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The Dani Writer

Explores words to create worlds with poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Writes content that permeates then revises and edits the heck out of it. Interests: Freelance, consultations, networking, rulebook-ripping. UK-based





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