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Comforts Me

By El PoetPublished 2 years ago Updated 10 months ago 1 min read
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...I find comfort from my aunties' hugs

it's something from up above

that reigns down on the stars

the light that shines from across

a galaxy beyond Mars

and on all of our happenings

the gleam in the eyes of family,

picture us, photographically

bare feet on a grassy scene

marry me with a classy queen, please

allow me to eat the rations of an average being

I'm blessed

to taste the fruits of my labor, seen

Saying, "I worked for these!

Planting seeds


to fertilize the birth

of a new currency...

that comforts me!

having my cake

and eating it too

with my cousins speaking truth

Why? Because I love them...

and there's no judgement

or expectations due...

I'm reminiscing on spankings

that came from my granny's mood...

you know how kids get all antsy and move

well, she was the ritalin for ADHD, back in the day

See, she wasn't playing! Preach!

I'ts called home-training, actually!

She had a saying for anything...

She died, but let's stay in reach...

That comforts me!

Making peace with my vacant beast inside self, sacredly...

Real life no make belief

Beauty isn't to be seen, but felt

Graciously I ate my plate of greens

making me at home, as an only child...

Not alone and all by myself

My heart melts by my uncle's fireplace


I'm not in dire distraints

That comforts me, mate!

We tend to fall apart,

when our mommas die

as if she was the foundation to fortify

the structure of the family unit...

Goodbyes, I tried, but was speechless

or rambling uselessly...

Meeting a goose egg, truthfully...

Childhood memories of nursery rhymes...

take me back in time

and my granny had lines!


"Here come Cecil Jenkins...

Don't you think he's fine?

Look at all his wrinkles,

my he's trying to shine...

He's got his standing collar

and his stove-pie hat.

I just bet a dollar

someone gave him that!

Don't mention anything about his clothes,

Just go on and court him.

My, ain't that a trip?!"

As I think for a bit...

That's what comforts me!

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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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