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Pressurized Carbon

Melanated Marvel

By El PoetPublished 9 months ago Updated 6 months ago 4 min read
Pressurized Carbon
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Since they found out Beethoven was black,

Now they sober with facts

It's like the truth is all over, perhaps...

And we laugh!

The Moors were all over the map

Advantages, had in their lapse...

Who's holding me back, while I'm exploring the Gap?

Me trying to practice getting the best bag

Underneath these eyelids there's jet-lag

I've been fast tracking, traveling

I threw the javelin at a the last destination...

Expeditiously like T.I., it's happening on you haters!

The stars are the limits, and I be fly

Trucks and cars are the gimmicks

No complaining but these proud boys be all up in it!

I'm embarrassed, that's why

I have to vacate the premises

My house has artwork of sacred images

Meaning, I take this serious...

Praises to the ancients, who came before me eerily...

Not to mention, the mirrors in my place are for you to see self clearly...

No vanity, so when you have the angst from the sights seen

Just know, I be boss

Shining like a light-beam through a diamond embossed...

Negotiating the right type cost...

'He who shall cast the first stone, finds that the price be costly when lost and all alone..."

This punch drunk love of DeBeers is here!

No, not the Bears! And Chi...cago!

Cut, Clarity, and stares is all I know!

In America, they'll die to try and get these in hand

Chocolate, they'll chop it...King Leopold's plans we need to stop them!

Bare witness to this expensive pair of crystal wares

Except for the bargains of business I got right, here!

In the Congo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone!

...Africa...my continental home...!

The places blood diamonds come from...

"Facts, my brother. See they think we are dumb!"


But really we are numb!

Sasquatch to a bear claw,

I scratched my own hair off,

I go donuts when I share crops

At the farmer's market fair often

An astronaut, nowhere near y'all men!

I need space, my stance is clear of your thoughts and ear buds

Bald head because he thinks too much,

A problem solver incubator, in touch!

No, I'm not a novice

The pen has been my nature since a baby, playing

If I'm being honest, I've been putting it to the paper since infancy

Like a signed contract in legal speak,

Dot the I's and cross the T's

We gone write life easily to release the plot, bound like these ol' feet,

As we strive to reach mo' peaks!

United to Manchester, kicking off my goals with ease

Hoping I don't sneeze but,

There's a 'bless you' through the eye of a needle

My tailor can't deny my easel

Artistry, so me, in my new peacoat!

Spouting poetry with my amigos

Fly as an eagle

The lie is so regal looking through a peephole

From my view in the sky

I see the sweet and the low.

Caged birds nesting as if asleep

Waiting for them to show their wings!

The same birds of paradise, are in reach and close

Death in a hourglass, the time is now to sync

Waiting to vote for the lesser of two evils

These times is so medieval, what do you think, though?

Plagued by viruses and the struggle

How we going to calm our nation of people?

With hugs and love, let's not be too feeble...

I want to trust these folk, but I can't blink upon what they're thinking on, so diabolical...

They'll make a machine with arms that'll eats your spawn and spit out the bones of your loved ones on your own front lawn.


Facts, but that I didn't need to know!

Your eyes are open, focused on the trophies, I'm seeing them with no ink on my arm, but there's blood on the leaves and you've been harmed yet you won, if you know what I mean... No discussing what you've seen, since they get aroused by the raw, turn up the pressure and make these sounds bubble through speakers, preach sermons, and have feasts for learning words of knowledge. Hide secrets in books, protect them don't let them get burned or took... Understand in this life you've been a journeyman, grown from a B-boy not a crook. Its build or be destroyed, and you aren't a rook! You graduating saying, "Yes, sir and ma'am." A gentleman with responsibility that is higher than his prospective is to answer to. Look, it's in your sign, you're a Cancer, dude. You've always been a dancer, too. That's why your spiritual side arises when you identify with the night winds underneath the guidance of the Moon's radiance. It's intimate! Romantic and intricate, your life is forgiving when you stay in tune to the infinite...circadian rhythm which is amusing to the morning mantra diction in captions...The suns is in your lap, man...as you meditate to The Gap Band. Or was it Bombs Over Baghdad? Either way, you've always had a grand plan to fortify that melanin in hand against the permission of Uncle Sam. In the carbon based station which you've been place in to make it, pressure to pipes may break them but pressure in life makes sense like a diamond mine that make cents off the young backs that they're braking. A strong child with a pick axe don't give any threatening get-back when it comes too abusing his or her work ethic, and power tends to get meshed just like this in a winning effort. The truth isn't so beautiful. Now, is it more or lesser!?

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Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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