Falling Fast

A warning

Falling Fast

With each breath drawn too deep, the whispers of those intoxicating bubbles of champagne, threaten to rise, unbidden and overwhelm me.

Needing you, wanting you, dreaming endless dreams of your touch, and taste. Desperately remembering, reliving each sweet caress, embroidering this fantastical tapestry in my mind

Exhilarating. Unpredictable. Unexpected.

These moments stop me in my tracks, send me veering of course from the broad well trodden path I had set out in search of.

Be sensible.

Reality is no fairy story. And those who chose to dream, may fall too fast.

Too far

Too deep.

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Rachael Garnett
Rachael Garnett
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Rachael Garnett

Hello, I’m Rachael, a twentysomething actress+musician, who is trying to re-submerge herself in the wonderful world of writing. I write about theatre, literature, the many problems life presents us with and my personal experiences of them x

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