Fairytale Love

Or something like it.

Fairytale Love

Ours is no fairy tale, no story for the ages,

There's no princes or dragons written on our pages.

You've never killed a beast for me, I don't swoon in a tower,

There's no battle to be won here, no crown and no power.

I don't need your worship, it's not what I expect,

I won't promise to obey you, but do you have my respect.

Storybook romance might hold some appeal,

But when Harry actuallymet Sally, he found she wasn't real.

When I think of the path not taken, I don't feel any fear,

There's no version of a life I'd choose that wouldn't have brought me here.

Happy ever after isn't real, this hard truth I know,

But maybe you'll hold my hand though when it's time for me to go.

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Choice Words by Chantelle
Choice Words by Chantelle
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