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Fairy Lights

by Kendall Earl 2 years ago in sad poetry

Small and Sweet

Fairy Lights
Image via Pexels

Fairy lights above my head

Sitting high above my bed

Twinkling in the darkened room

Pastel pinks and blues bloom

Dozing off as they shine

I hear a faint and tiny whine

In the corner of my eye

A tiny fairy I hear cry

With cotton candy hair

And sparkling silver flair

They sit on my thumb

With a broken wing I wish to numb

I carry them to the window

Outside the moon gently glows

The small fairy cries

And for a second so do I

I close the window, sighing to myself

I put the fairy on its shelf

The fairy cries itself to sleep

And so do I after I silently weep

Get well my fairy ease your head

So you can join the others above the bed

sad poetry
Kendall Earl
Kendall Earl
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Kendall Earl

I am a student at University that is majoring in English. I hope to be a novel writer and am trying to work on my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my work.

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