Cold Time

by Kendall Earl about a year ago in nature poetry

Travels of an Amateur Explorer

Cold Time

The laughing children now in their warm beds

The adults grumpily awaiting their cues to shovel

Snow laying claim to all other's homes and lawns

Blending into a crunchy wonderful mess.

I'm the lone explorer in the neighborhood

There is no time here; no light nor sound

I hold my breath to match the silence

It's been a while since I've savored the wind howling

My feet smoothly, slowly shuffle

In the fluff and fallen flakes

My arms lift part way

Struggling against the heft of the coats

Maybe I'll go faster the more I flap my arms?

That must be right.

I've become an amateur professional by now

Jumping over deadly ice patches

Scaling frozen steps of my apartment complex

Maybe one day I shall share my travel stories

But for now I return home to enjoy my memories

And to squeeze the cold water out of my socks.

nature poetry
Kendall Earl
Kendall Earl
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Kendall Earl

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