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Faceless Friend ....

Value of a Silent Presence

By Sugan Ya Published 6 months ago 1 min read

I have never been curious to know you,

I never tried to understand you. Why?

I ask myself.

Not a single bit of curiosity about knowing you.

I don't know,

Maybe because

I couldn't imagine that you could travel

with me so far,

or forever.

Even though you are with me all the time,

I never considered you,

never tried to know you,

never talked to you,

never attempted a conversation with you.

Why? I have been so stupid all this time.

Maybe I was only focusing on myself

and my things,

maybe my surroundings.

Maybe those are just my excuses,

I have more excuses,

not considering you once.

Maybe you are unattractive,

you are clueless,

you don't know anything about me,

my struggles.

You are nameless, shameless,

you are not full of light,

you are darker than the dark.

These might be reasons,

but I'm certain,

I have an affection for you.

As I reach a certain age,

maybe not having many people around,

I prefer not.

But you,

always around me,

travel with me,

follow me,

do the same as I do

without asking any questions.

Sometimes I think you're an idiotic fellow.

Yet, you are the only person

I'm going to have,

even with my last breath.

I am really happy and glad to have you,

My Dear



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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    But it's so sad when even our shadow leaves us when we're in the dark. Loved your poem!

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