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Expecting Too Much

There is nothing wrong with having standards.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished about a year ago 2 min read

There is such thing as expecting too much but also there should be standards. The simple things shouldn't be the issue and a relationship is two people not one. If I wanted to date myself then I wouldn't be looking for a man to spend my life with nor would any of you be looking for a life partner. It might seem easy but every relationships is complicated, it is how you approach it, brain storm through it it, and how much you allow the negative to affect the positive. You are never expecting too much and if you are told that then that person isn't for you! Change your standards for no one. Know that is it okay to say, "No" when necessary.

You expect too much from me, yet you don't understand I'm not rich

You force an issue after being told, "No"

Then place the blame on me

You make me feel guilty, as if nothing is enough

You don't' seem satisfied, but I've done enough

I have a family of my own to try and support

I'm not your wife or even know what the future holds

You expect wife duties yet there is no ring

You haven't even made the compromises that marriage brings

You're expecting so much but it isn't my fault

You were supposedly in a bind, but not with my time

You have to live with the hand that is dealt

The path that you choose till the road runs out

You can't keep expecting so much from one soul

Even soul mates get tired you know

If we are meant to be, we will see the spirits intervene

You'll just have to wait and see, a miracle could be done

We are only human and I'm no superwoman

I've played a part I should have never entertained

Now you're expecting more, what could I say?

I am a single parent of two, open your eyes and you'll see it too

We each have our differences, yet I put a lot of them aside

Now you've got me feeling guilty about nothing that I've even done

My hands are tied behind my back

I've gone off the beaten path

I'm not sure what will happen now

Life goes on and the train keeps chugging alone

I've lost myself in so many relationships, it finally took one last relationship to realize I deserve better. I deserve someone who I do a lot for but get the same in return. All things work out in time, if you are impatient like I am just know you aren't alone but the best packages come when we least expect it. Don't ever change or lower your standards but have patience for the right one could be around the corner somewhere.

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Be the inspiration you want others to see. I just want to inspire others through poetry. We all need a bit of positivity and to know that there are others going through similar situations.

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