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A poem.

By Lizzy GabrickPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Miguel Ángel Díaz Magister on Unsplash

I still see you everywhere.

It still hurts me when I see your name.

I cannot bear living without you.

You have so much power over me;

Without you, I search in agony for a sense of wholeness,

While with you I am profoundly, beautifully, magically myself.

You still have so much control over my life—

Nothing you asked for, I know—

And I just do not know how to move on from that.

How to escape from the grip that you either intentionally or

coincidentally have over me, myself, and I?

I am so in love with you.

I have tried so hard to fall in love with someone else,

rather, a few someone elses,

but I have found that to be impossible with you as my comparison.

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About the Creator

Lizzy Gabrick

I spent many years reading and writing in my adolescence but have found inspiration has lapsed since I have become more settled into my adult life--a career and marriage. I look forward to changing that and sharing my creations with you.

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Lizzy GabrickWritten by Lizzy Gabrick

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