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Ode to Mary J

By Lamar WigginsPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

To my Dearest Cannabis, With Love.

Floating above myself in a Green haze of glory. I stretch my mind to produce this story.

It all started way back when, in the days of Yeltsin and Regan. Every now and again I still spend time with an old friend, who's not a pagan.

Green: The color of money, trees, plants and even eyes. Green, the color I will never despise.

Spawning creativity, if you're paying attention. Painting, writing, constructing, just a few to mention.

Medicinal, recreational, a different state of mind. All these and more are what my friend brings to mankind.

But beware, there is a limit to the benefit of joy. Taken for granted you just become a puppet, a toy.

Visions of Green nuggets dancing in my head. Maybe I'll write a book, maybe I'll go to bed.

Live freely with an open mind to the color Green, with that said, only you can decide what I really mean.

-The End, Green Friend

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About the Creator

Lamar Wiggins

Creative writer in the Northeast US who loves the paranormal, mystery, true crime, horror, humor, fantasy and poetry. Take a chance, you'll be thoroughly entertained.

"Life is Love Experienced" -LW


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