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Eternal Duality: Love's Double-Edged Sword

A Tapestry of Passion and Pain

By Aadyant ChauhanPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In love's embrace, a symphony unfolds,

Where hearts entwine, and dreams take hold.

Yet within its depths, a paradox lies,

For love's tender caress, can also wound and chastise.

With gentle whispers, it kindles the flame,

But with a single word, it can douse the same.

A delicate dance of joy and sorrow,

Love's path is uncertain, today, and tomorrow.

In its warmth, we find solace and grace,

But its absence leaves an empty space.

It's a bittersweet melody, this love we share,

With moments of bliss, and burdens hard to bear.

So we tread carefully on love's fragile thread,

Knowing its beauty, yet fearing its dread.

For in love's embrace, we find our truest selves,

Navigating the dichotomy of joy and swells.

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