Equally Connected

by Gloria smith 2 years ago in slam poetry

There are many, but which one is the best?

Equally Connected


There are many, but which one is the best?


They are plenty, but who's better than the rest?

And everyone has their on truth to give, Their own arguments and own proof to give

but still...

I don't see division as common sense.

Our wars

They don't have real meaning


They're all too misleading

And I'm still trying to figure out why the color of my skin is what defines me

Who am I, but skin and bones, a story and a name

Who are you? Well we're one in the same.

But you still think you're better than me, because I'm blue and you're pink when, really, we all come from the same light rays.

What's the meaning?

Why division?

I understand that what separates us is our differences, but why does it cut us off from one another?

Why hatred?

Why wars?

Why is it all approved through religion?

What's religion but the hand of foolish men to empower themselves? At least that's my opinion — That's how I see it?

Well, what is it?

What's the difference between a Buddhist and a Christian, Horus and Dionysus?

What makes your god special?

If evil is murderous then tell me who's the devil?

And why war?

Tell me why.

And don't you dare tell me god's will!

Tell me yours...


Now listen to me... I have two eyes and an open mind. Who you worship — I do not mind!

But don't kill nobody and tell me why they die. Don't watch them suffer and tell me why they die! Don't make people out to be devils as if their death is justified because they don't live up to your religious, political, cultural standards! Shoot, as long they aren't harming anybody, there's no need to pick up the knife...

So just.. Don't give me that bullshit. Don't give me that bullshit...


It could've been you and I...

We could have been the unfortunate ones to die... You and me holding our different beliefs dear and strong, and both of us die the day we find out both of us were wrong, Oh Religion!

Oh Racism!

Any excuse to cause division!

The Destroyers of Nations.

The killer of People.

You take lives.

You take lives.

And life... That's the one thing that I'm certain of...

The only thing that we all should agree is the fact that we all are breathing... Though dying every day.

Honestly, I'm just trying to find a way to make the pain go away...


There are many, but we all come in one.


We are all different, but all die under the sun.

Tell me...

Who is greater?

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