Equality and Poverty

A short poem.

Equality and Poverty

How can we say we live in a world of equality?

When our basic needs and more are being attended to,

but there are children around the world who are living in poverty?

Why is it when we talk about equality,

What comes to mind is women's rights, gays, freedom?

What about the freedom of the children in Palestine?

Days they wake up to find their parents bleeding!

Why do we fight for women's rights but we can't fight for

the rights of the children around the world who lack basic

human needs?

Why is the fight for gender equality more important than starving children who drink dirty water from ponds and then catch diseases?

And why is it that we would spare some change for a homeless person on the street, but we can't spare £3 a month for a poor child from Africa to eat?

Why do we talk about humanity like we have it?

7.2 Palestinian refugees, 5 million people die of hunger in Africa every year, and we think we're doing enough?

That's insanity!

Why do we only act like we care but when it comes to charities we don't want to get involved?

Maybe if we all came together and helped, these crisises would get resolved!

I see so many screaming Free Palestine, but what are you really doing to help free them, giving charity does not decrease our wealth so what's a couple pounds a month for an innocent child's health?

And I stop to think, what if that was my brother, my sister, my child, what if it was me?

And my heart slowly breaks, because so many people are blind to see.

And too cold to feel, to deaf to listen, listen to the cries of the children around the world,

some crying for just a sip of water,

some crying in pain from diseases,

some crying in pain from being attacked,

and some crying for their deceased mothers.

Will we carry on ignoring or will we make a change?

This will probably hit you for a couple minutes, and then you'll go about your daily life like you never read it... what a shame.

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