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In Love With My Enemy

by Who Am I? 4 years ago in love poems
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Falling in Love With My Enemy

I had never met such an impostor in my life,

I never thought a human would be able to fake,

fake being in love, fake affection, fake happiness.

Did you never understand, my heart was at stake?

Did you enjoy it, do you feel like a champion?

What made you feel so superior?

That you felt you had the right to break my heart?

It's not a joke, this is serious.

But there you are laughing, as you left me in the dark.

And you fail to understand the true damage you have done.

It's like you ripped my heart out my chest,

just for fun.

And now, I am left with this nothingness inside.

I feel empty, I feel alone,

all I ever do is cry.

Do you feel no remorse,

you broke a broken woman.

The small part of hope I had left,

let's just say you took it.

You took it away like it didn't even matter.

Now I'm left with no faith, as my heart feels battered.

I feel no love, no affection towards any man.

Because you took my trust away, it was in your very hands.

But you picked it up and threw it as far as you could.

You lied and deceived, and now I will never trust.

You comforted and loved me, and made me feel safe.

I'm unable to understand, how all of that was fake?

I can't trust a man now, no matter how hard he tries.

Because you loved me like no other, yet it all was a lie.

Oh, you must be so proud, you broke someone's heart.

I cannot wait for the day someone tears yours apart.

You will fall in love, and your heart will get broken.

Then you will feel my pain,

keep that as a token.

I guess you could say, I fell in love with my enemy.

I fell in love with a man, who had faked his identity.

He appeared to be, a caring, beautiful soul.

But deep down, his heart was so cold.

As one day he woke up and decided I never mattered.

And my heart like a broken glass, he left it scattered.

He woke up one day and decided I never existed.

I guess a good way to describe him, is very, very twisted.

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