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English Teacher

My teacher my love

By Ray RizwanPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
English Teacher
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

In a classroom filled with words so bright,

Stands the guardian of language, shining with light.

An English teacher, wise and kind,

Unraveling the mysteries of words, she's refined.

With passion ignited, she takes her stand,

Guiding young minds across language's vast land.

She opens doors to worlds unseen,

Where imagination roams and dreams convene.

Her voice dances in the air, melodious and clear,

Each sentence a melody, music to the ear.

She weaves tales of heroes and their plight,

Fueling curiosity, igniting the students' might.

From Shakespeare's sonnets to classic prose,

She reveals literature's treasures, line by line she shows.

Words spring to life, painting vibrant scenes,

Her enthusiasm contagious, like a river that streams.

Grammar and syntax, punctuation's embrace,

She polishes their skills with unwavering grace.

She molds young writers, their voices to find,

Encouraging them to express, unbind.

With patience abundant, she nurtures each soul,

Empowering minds to reach their ultimate goal.

She's a mentor, a guide, and a friend,

Whose impact on futures will never end.

English teacher, catalyst of knowledge and art,

You shape the minds and the depths of the heart.

Your legacy lingers in the words they write,

Forever grateful, forever in their sight.

So here's to the English teacher's profound gift,

An advocate for learning, spirits she uplifts.

In classrooms she dwells, like a beacon so bright,

Illuminating the path to wisdom and light.

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