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A Memory of firends

every time

By Ray RizwanPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
A Memory of firends
Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

In the corners of my mind, where memories reside,

There's a cherished recollection, a treasure I can't hide.

It's a tapestry of laughter, of moments pure and true,

A symphony of friendship, woven through and through.

We were a constellation, bound by time and space,

A radiant collection of souls that found their place.

Through laughter and through tears, we shared the highs and lows,

In each other's presence, our spirits truly rose.

Those endless summer days, beneath the golden sun,

We laughed until we cried, our laughter freely spun.

Exploring hidden realms, creating worlds of our own,

With hearts full of wonder, together we had grown.

Through countless conversations, we shared our deepest fears,

In trusting one another, we wiped away the tears.

Through words of love and kindness, we nurtured and we cared,

A tapestry of firends, a bond that cannot be impaired.

The echoes of our laughter, they still resound so clear,

The memories of our adventures, forever held so dear.

Though distance may divide us, and time may pass us by,

The firends we were and are, in my heart will never die.

So here's to you, my firends, a toast to all we've shared,

To the memories we hold, to the love that we declared.

May life's path lead us back, on journeys to renew,

For the gift of true firends, forever I'll thank you.

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