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Elegy of the Northern Lights

Love's Fading Glow Amidst Twilight's Embrace

By Aurora PenumbraPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Elegy of the Northern Lights
Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Like the aurora borealis, a ghostly gleam,

Their love once shone, a fleeting dream.

In twilight's embrace, they found delight,

But now they dwell in sorrow's night.

Through starlit skies, their passion soared,

Yet destiny's hand their union deplored.

Their hearts entwined, now torn apart,

A tragic tale etched in sorrow's art.

As northern winds whisper their sorrowful song,

Their love, like the lights, did not belong.

An elegy written in tears and sighs,

For love that faded beneath tear-stained skies.

In the quietude of the northern lands,

Their love's lament forever stands.

Like the aurora's dance, so brief and bright,

Their love now fades into the night.

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About the Creator

Aurora Penumbra

Writes poetry that explores the beauty and complexity of love. Inspired by the enchanting dance of the aurora borealis and the mysteries hidden in shadows.

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    Aurora PenumbraWritten by Aurora Penumbra

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