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el Yunque rainforest

an oasis in Puerto Rico

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
el Yunque rainforest
Photo by Paul Torres on Unsplash

Waterfalls and waterfalls

From the sky and the rocks

Abstract rocks are small and tall

Hit the ground with all its stock

Trees so long and huge

Green and greener beyond imagination

The water is so strong as to become a deluge

The forest is so beautiful as if an illustration

Or rather a painted canvas created lately

Water so crystal clear

Picturesque calm and over sedately

Rushing brook water you can’t allow to be near

So that you won’t be sent downriver

El Yunque’s tower is a point of observation

Of the vastness of the wilderness divisive

The wilderness is kept in utmost preservation

May it remain that way for years to come

nature poetry

About the Creator

Anna cruz

I like writing short stories and poetry. I like to blog about thrifting and many other subjects. I hope you enjoy my writing. Read my blog at www.savingshouse.blogspot.com and visit my website at www.vintageoldtreasures.com

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