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By Paul CrockerPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Every night's the same on the evening news.

Humanity loses itself in hatred and so easily causes abuse.

They'll come up with the most pathetic excuse.

Guarenteeing that all parties involved lose.

We need to educate the narrow minded.

Some get abused about the colour of their skin.

Others are taunted about how they feel within.

They look at the different as an abortable sin.

Forgetting that no one can win.

We must educate the easily blinded.

People go out to war to aimlessly fight.

Claiming it is their honourable right.

They don't care that they put out the civillian's light.

The innocence of children suffer most at night.

We need to educate the self grinded.

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Paul Crocker

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