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Echoing Plea


By Paul CrockerPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Terror is growing.

Prisons everywhere are overflowing.

We are always ever knowing.

That the suffering keeps on going.

Echoing plea.

Always come back to me.

Don’t you people listen?

Don’t you want those murky rivers to once again glisten?

This world needs our support.

This time we must not abort.

Echoing plea.

You have to believe.

How many times must it be said?

More people are becoming dead.

Sitting here you are so lazy.

Get me out of here it’s all crazy.

Echoing plea.

On this fighting I’m not keen.

Don’t want to be stabbed in the back.

Won’t live in fear in the black.

I want to see the light.

Get through another night.

Echoing plea.

Want to be able to sit under another tree.

When the terror goes away.

The scars in my heart will stay.

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Paul Crocker

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