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Sun and moon

By T. Eugene WilliamsPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read

Eagerly waiting for the celestial dance, not wanting this beautiful moment pass.

Conjuring up memories past when I was a kid to see something so beautiful.

Luminous moon hides, a captivating chance.

Inky darkness engulfs the sky, watching the sun and moon do its dance.

Painting a mesmerizing sight up high. As I sit here in on the grass to glance at the heavens, I realize this might be my last chance to catch such a wonderful sight.

Spectators in awe as day turns to night,

Embracing the beauty, a wondrous sight

Celestial bodies align, a cosmic embrace, the sky so dark the sun so bright I am going to have such a joyful moment when I sleep tonight.

Eclipse, a moment of wonder, in time and space


About the Creator

T. Eugene Williams

Screenwriter, producer, author, and Army Veteran.

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