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"Echoes of Sorrow: The Tapestry of Pain"

"Finding Strength in the Depths of Darkness"

By Edgardo Millan Published 3 months ago 1 min read
"Echoes of Sorrow: The Tapestry of Pain"
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In shadows deep, where sorrow reigns,

And echoes haunt the silent plains,

There lies a land of endless night,

Where pain and suffering take their flight.

In every tear that's left unshed,

In every heart that's filled with dread,

The weight of anguish, sharp and keen,

Carves its mark where scars are seen.

Through trials fierce and tempests wild,

Where hope is but a distant child,

The soul, a vessel, battered, torn,

In agony and anguish, born.

Each ache a symphony of woe,

Each cry a river's ceaseless flow,

In the tapestry of human strife,

Threads of pain weave through our life.

Yet in the depths, a flicker glows,

A beacon in the darkest throes,

For in the heart, though cracked and frail,

Resides a strength that will prevail.

Through pain we learn, through suffering grow,

Like seeds beneath the winter's snow,

For from the depths, new life may rise,

A phoenix born beneath the skies.

So let us face the darkest hour,

With courage as our guiding power,

For though the road be long and rough,

In pain, there lies the seed of love.

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