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"Everlasting Echoes: A Tribute to Dad"

"Memories Carved in Heartstrings"

By Edgardo Millan Published 3 months ago 1 min read
"Everlasting Echoes: A Tribute to Dad"
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In the depths of my memory, etched clear and bright,

There lies a figure, a beacon of light.

A man of strength, with a heart so wide,

Guiding my steps, my steady guide.

Dad, oh Dad, your laughter rings,

Through the corridors of time, it still sings.

In moments grand and in quiet repose,

Your love, your wisdom, forever flows.

You taught me to stand, taught me to strive,

To embrace each challenge, to keep dreams alive.

Your hands, though weathered, held mine so tight,

Leading me through darkness into the light.

In your eyes, I saw the courage of old,

Stories untold, yet through actions they're told.

You carried burdens, yet never once complained,

Your resilience, Dad, forever ingrained.

Though distance may stretch, and years may pass by,

Your presence, Dad, never will die.

For in every heartbeat, in every breath,

Your legacy lives on, defying death.

So here's to you, my pillar, my rock,

In every triumph, in every knock.

For in the tapestry of life that we tread,

Your spirit lives on, Dad, never forget.

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