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Poem: Tragic story

By Alfred Gitau Ruraya Published 3 months ago 1 min read

In days of ache unnamed, your touch, a soothing balm,

Eased the hurt within, my silent calm.

But yearning lay deep, for a fiery embrace,

A blaze reflecting passion, our destinies embrace.

Each breath a dance, 'twixt life and desire,

Shadows in your soul, let me hold, suspend my fire.

In farewells, a narrative, not an end's despair,

But a prelude to a bond, beyond mortal air.

Should I depart, in thoughts, be the muse,

Threads of us, introspect, in life's confused fuse.

A covenant unspoken, our fates entwined,

Notes of surrender, acceptance, are so deeply aligned.

Like the moon's silver touch, your fingers, frailty find,

Embracing vulnerabilities, human and kind.

Secrets shared in whispers, a love unspoken true,

Beyond words, a language, between us two.

In reflection's quiet, solace in my silence stay,

Unspoken language blooms, in the spaces where words stray.

Amid life's tempest, let our arms find home,

An unwavering beacon, through chaos we roam.

A love beyond the ordinary, a transcendent flame,

Souls intertwined, in an ancient forest's claim.

Guiding star through time, celestial dance above,

Eternal waltz, in spirits entwined, a story of love.

Yet tragedy struck, our tale met its end,

Hearts once entwined, now torn, no mend.

Like a broken melody, notes shattered apart,

Love's vibrant hue, now aching, broken heart.

In the canvas of life, a masterpiece we drew,

Emotions painted, strokes vibrant, true.

Passion once ignited, now fades in sorrow's mist,

A love story's tragedy, in memories we kissed

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About the Creator

Alfred Gitau Ruraya

I enjoy crafting poems and stories. Words are my paintbrush, and stories are my canvas. Exploring emotions and worlds through writing is my passion. Join me on a journey through my words, where imagination meets emotion.

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Wow! Beautiful poem!

  • Teresia3 months ago

    Amazing piece of Work. Good job

  • This was a very poignant poem. I loved it!

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