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Echoes of Hope: The Journey of Al Aqsa and Babri


By Md. Shakil KhanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Echoes of Hope: The Journey of Al Aqsa and Babri
Photo by Rohith Goura on Unsplash

In the heart of the holy land, we dream,

Where Al Aqsa's grace shall brightly gleam,

Join the queue, the faithful cry,

For freedom's light will touch the sky.

Just like Nanny Sophia, strong and free,

In that triumphant, sacred sea,

Won in that swim, her spirit soared,

In hope and faith, forever adored.

Babri's echoes whisper through the night,

A mosque again, bathed in sacred light,

Wait a while, with patience, we shall stand,

For justice with a gentle, guiding hand.

Those whose faith is fresh today,

Shall see the dawn, the old give way,

I will witness, with unwavering grace,

The deluge of hope in every face.

In unity and peace, we strive to be,

A world where love and justice decree,

Al Aqsa's freedom, Babri's embrace,

A future where all find their place.


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Md. Shakil Khan

Don't Trust People,

Who Tell You Other People's " SECRET"


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