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All running towards earnings...just pause and hear this poem which describes us

By Udhaya KarthikaPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Earnings, oh earnings, what a wondrous thing,

A symbol of hard work, the joy it brings.

A measure of success, a mark of pride,

A reward for effort, a joy to confide.

From dawn until dusk, we toil and strive,

To earn our bread, to keep hope alive.

The sweat on our brow, the ache in our bone,

A price we pay for a life of our own.

Earnings, oh earnings, they come in many forms,

From the fruit of our labor, to the gains of our norms.

A paycheck, a bonus, a dividend, or a raise,

A pat on the back, a nod of praise.

The journey is long, the path can be rough,

But earnings make the climb seem less tough.

They fuel our dreams, they spur us on,

They give us the power to go on and on.

So here's to earnings, a blessing to all,

May they continue to rise, and never fall.

May they bring us joy, and peace of mind,

And may they always be, a reward that we find.

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