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by Willow Rakiah Creager 2 months ago in surreal poetry

A poem

There is sanctity in agony,

Prudence in indecency,

Deafening silence

In desperate screams.

Such duality is fate.

Do we fight for what's ours,

Or pull freight when we've lost?

Fear takes love,

Then mirrors break through,

To show darkness that lies

To our face

and within.

Beneath the skin,

It slithers like snakes,

Caressing our souls

With rose colored fangs.

Our bodies shiver,

As if to shake the feeling off.

Still, it remains,

Ever potent and strong,

Beneath our awareness,

And masked by denial.

Terror strikes when

We're met with the truth

Giving way to searing rage

That spreads throughout

Our venomous pores.

We tear out reality,

In vain, to make it suit us.

But when we're touched

With the light of dawn

We are blinded by the truth.

If we keep running from ourselves,

We will be running forever.

surreal poetry

Willow Rakiah Creager

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Willow Rakiah Creager
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