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Dreams resembles Doors to other realities

Unlocking New Realms: Exploring the dreamscape

By Jackson Published 7 months ago 1 min read

Dreams are doors that open to other worlds,

A gateway to realms that lie unfurled.

Each one unique, a world of its own,

A universe created, a story unknown.

Some dreams are doors to a land of bliss,

A place where everything is pure and amiss.

Others lead to a realm of fear,

A world of darkness, a world of tear.

Dreams can be doors to the past,

To memories that forever last.

Or to the future, a world unknown,

A place where new stories are sown.

Some dreams are doors to the heart,

To a love that's pure and never apart.

Others are doors to the mind,

To thoughts that are impossible to find.

Dreams are doors that open wide,

To a world where imagination can glide.

A place where anything can be,

Where reality and fantasy can agree.

So open the door to your dreams tonight,

And step through to a world of delight.

Let your imagination soar and roam,

And discover a world that is all your own.

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