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By Natasha CollazoPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 2 min read
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Below is my Entry to Real Poetics Challenge -Year 2033



Hardcopies of "Caterpillar" is flooding the shelves.

Though the title may change, my first novel, is finally out for sale.


I am turning Forty-Six this year, (yikes)

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary.

Of faith, love, and adversity.


A full-time writer, working in my imaginary Nirvana,

On my desk lies a picture of where he proposed,

In front of the Sistine Madonna's.


Our daughter Diana is approaching three.

The house we bought tilts a few acres off the shores of the sea.


A couple of cats, some chickens and a greyhound,

A garden with plenty of harvest, nourishing our bodies from foundations of our ground.


Out yonder is a body of water,

Where I sit and let my mind wander.


I talk to the Good Lord about the next chapter we’ll be writing


With tears and some laughter, and the old life I remember.


The simple life I had ten years ago,

To now mothering a family that was birthed from my own.


Though, our world is heading straight for bloody hell,

On Sundays we still hear the cathedral bells.


Tragic grows and and spiritual rainstorms blow,

I am okay, because I know I'm not doing it



Today I’m approaching Thirty-Six,

I don’t have any of these.

not even the sound of my family lurking in the midst,

of the breeze.


And maybe, its just not how my story unfolds,

and my youth continues to expire, and groan.

a fictional dream;

I'm always reminded I am a Writer, but not the Author of my peace.


I won’t resist the gravitational pull,

I’m single, my womb is empty,

But my heart is still full.



Authors Notes:

Dreamland ( the life I haven’t created yet) transpired by the rash expectations we can often times put on our future. Of course, the only way to reach the stars is to chase your dreams, but there comes a healthy balance, so dreaming won't steal our peace.

Do I think my novel will be flooding shelves in the next ten years? Mmm highly un-likely, because I am still dreaming it up, lol.

Will I have a 3 year old daughter named Diana one day? That terrifies my socks off, so the probability of me having a rat named Diana is more likely to happen (or a fish).

Do I think my 'one day fiancé' will propose to me in-front of the Sistine Madonna's in Germany??

He Better. ;)

Thank you for reading, I hope it brings a little relief to any stress you may put on the dreams for your life, and embrace the effort it takes to simply be.

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About the Creator

Natasha Collazo

Werewolf Writer

I get inspired at the mid of night

Stock market by day, howler by night.


Inquiries: [email protected]

Instagram: @sunnycollazo

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  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    Your dream life by the sea is heaven to me. Imagine writing as the waters soothe and calm. This is so enjoyable and realistic. Hope it comes true.

  • As writers (and readers), we often live vicariously through the prism of the magical world only limited by our vast imaginations. You paint a beautiful future that could be. Dream it into existence, Natasha! I loved these words: "I'm always reminded I am a Writer, but not the Author of my peace."

  • This is so optimistic and uplifting... a wonderful projection of where you would like to be in 10 years time... "the only way to reach the stars is to chase your dreams, but there comes a healthy balance, so dreaming won't steal our peace." Wise advice!

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