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Dream’s Deceit: A Mind’s Reawakening

Dark poem

By AjaxPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the quiet of his chamber, a man stood still,

Haunted by a sight that gave a chilling thrill.

His love, his life, in another's embrace,

In the sanctity of his space, a heart's disgrace.

The walls echoed with laughter once shared,

Now, whispers of betrayal, how he was ensnared.

A picture-perfect life, a facade so thin,

Unraveling swiftly, the madness within.

With each tick of the clock, his mind did race,

Memories twisted in a macabre dance, a frantic chase.

Trust, once unyielding, now shattered like glass,

A future once bright, now a dark morass.

He walked through his home, a stranger in his land,

Every corner, every shadow, by paranoia manned.

The echoes of deceit, a symphony so dire,

Fueling the embers of his smoldering ire.

In the mirror, a reflection of a man he once knew,

Now a visage of anguish, through and through.

A descent into madness, a soul's eclipse,

As sanity from his grasp, like sand, it slips.

Yet in the depths of his mind, a light did flicker,

A realization that made his heart beat quicker.

The betrayal, a scene, not as it seemed,

A play of the mind, a nightmare dreamed.

Awake he jolted, in his bed alone,

No deceitful pair, just an empty home.

A test of the psyche, a subconscious probe,

In relief he sighed, wrapped in his robe.

For love was not lost, nor trust betrayed,

His wife, ever faithful, her vows still weighed.

A mind's creation, from fears deep inside,

A lesson learned, in himself to confide.

With a grateful heart and a clearer view,

He embraced his life, as morning dew.

The man who once teetered on sanity's brink,

Found strength in love, more solid than ink.

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