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Bloody Night

How a man went from lover to killer

By AjaxPublished 10 months ago 1 min read

In shadows deep, where despair resides,

A man's wounded heart, his pain abides.

Neglected by love, his spirit forlorn,

He wanders lost, his soul tattered and torn.

Once a flame burned bright, love's golden glow,

A bond forged in vows, so long ago.

But now, a chasm, cold and wide,

Separates their hearts, no warmth inside.

Her eyes once danced with love's sweet embrace,

Now vacant, cold, a hollow space.

She turned away, her affections withheld,

Leaving him adrift, in a barren, loveless field.

With each passing day, his anguish grew,

A raging tempest, emotions askew.

Rejected, discarded, a broken man,

He devised a plan, blood-soaked, in demand.

His mind a battlefield, sanity deranged,

He contemplated revenge, darkness exchanged.

Bloody thoughts whispered, consuming his mind,

A torrent of rage, he could no longer bind.

Silent whispers of agony and wrath,

Took root in his soul, a blood-stained path.

He donned his mask, concealing his face,

A symphony of chaos, his only solace.

The night enveloped, as he stalked his prey,

Each victim chosen, a price they'd pay.

His pain, their pain, intertwined in strife,

An eruption of violence, in this dance of life.

With blade in hand, he struck with precision,

A symphony of screams, a violent collision.

Each blow a release, a twisted catharsis,

His vengeance unleashed, darkness so ominous.

In crimson trails, his victims fell,

Their life force drained, an unholy spell.

But amidst the horror, a flicker of dread,

As his wife's face appeared, her fate now shed.

In a twisted embrace, their eyes did meet,

Fear and sorrow, a union so fleet.

Regret washed over, amidst the carnage and gore,

He realized too late what he was fighting for.

In blood-soaked hands, he held his lover's breath,

A life extinguished, the wages of death.

The rampage complete, a shattered man stood,

A tragic tale written in his own blood.

In shadows deep, where darkness takes hold,

A man's torment unraveled, his story untold.

Neglected by love, he found solace in pain,

But the cost of his vengeance, forever a stain.


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