Another World


There is another type of world

Where our thoughts become our space

Eyes closed and not awake

Subconscious, sits up, no break

A nightmare or a dream

Are we asleep or alive?

Well I’m not necessarily where I’ve been

But I’m aware of what I’m seeing

It feels so real in our minds

What we create becomes our life

A dream, is a dream, is a dream

We go through existence screaming

For something else to take effect

Like it did in our head

Imagination and memory, sit at the front of our brain

Recollect and realize the visiting hours of the mind

We create when they start, and we create when they end

When we rest we are off like a light switch

And we begin to dream

Things that are not where we have been

But we can remember or we can forget

The dreams that get made up in our heads

They take us out of our typical state

Our minds natural resting place

performance poetry
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Holly Santonato
I'm a soulful, R&B artist from Toronto. I'm a singer/songwriter, as well as a poet. I release my inner being within the art of creatively writing. Which can translate into a beautiful song/ melody, or stay organically as a poem.
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