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To the night sounds

By Pauline FountainPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
[ Image : Pauline Fountain ]

Unbeknown to me, I have experienced a sensory shift. I am now drawn to ‘the night sounds.’

As I walk from my unit beckoned by the nameless, I expect silence; long after the all-too-brief, ferocious tempest of the earlier electrical storm.

Yet the downpipes ‘gurgle’ as the remaining run-off shift and weave in an unpredictable pattern.

The remnants of rain drip with a strident ‘click’ and a resonating ‘splatt’ on the concrete below.

I arrive at my destination and gaze upward. The unexpected is revealed to me—a full moon with a rich yellow glow.

To gain the quietude essential to revel in the delight of this mesmerising sight, I walk beside the units and sit on the sandstone block wall across the road.

I rest adjacent to the now inactive tracks leading to the Carseldine Station.

The night sounds censor the anticipated hush, and I close my eyes.

Insects sing with quick-fire high-pitched ‘twicks’ and mid-range ‘schnicks.’

The rainwater has gathered near the tracks and formed community pools.

Amphibians call with staccato ‘glips,’ ‘gups’ and ‘gops.’

The responses are throaty with an enduring ‘gleeeeeze.’

My reverent moment comes to an end as the freight train rumbles by.

Pauline Fountain. © 2023. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be used or reproduced without the written permission of the author.

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About the Creator

Pauline Fountain

Writing and photography provide a creative outlet to reflect with meaning on my life.

My mental health? Bipolar 1 (Rapid Cycling), Complex PTSD and Functional Neurological Disorder.

My son’s gentle wisdom furnishes me with the gift of hope.

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Well done.

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    The world is washed clean after the rains come. It is the best time to experience the clean feel of nature and breathe in the fresh air. Lovely words to live by.

  • Grz Colm6 months ago

    You have been gone a while. I hope everything had been alright! It’s good to see you back and this piece is very evocative and atmospheric. I love the use of sensory language and onomatopoeia for the sounds! Excellent job Pauline!☺️👍

  • This was so beautifully written! So glad to see you've published a poem after so long. Hope you're doing well! 💖

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