Dr. Whoever

Mental illness is a slow death, and I hope everyone knows that no matter what, this is a temporary feeling. Nothing lasts forever, just hold on, speak to your friends—they care.

Dr. Whoever

I've thought about suicide a hundred times

But I'd hate to disappoint and see my mama cry

Birthdays these days be the worst days

Cause I know I'm getting older and not happier

Me and my father love each other but I barely show it

My siblings spread out damn my heart is broken

I wish I can turn hands of time and fix the broken shit

but I know time is something you can't get back

life moves forward not back

I sit here and tell you my problems

That's how this work, right?

I'm s'posed to be open and honest

But I got time, right?

Hey doc, do I tell 'em how I actually feel?

Or do I see a therapist and numb the pain with the pills

If you feelin' worthless, you should probably go and tell a friend

But, I should take that advice

This year has been crazy

What the fuck is my life?

My best friend got married

My other friend got pregnant

You can bet that I cried

But Tune in please be my Dr. Whoever

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D'anna Aaron
D'anna Aaron
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