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Don't Spread the Hate

Practice Compassion

By Alex CaseyPublished 6 years ago Updated 10 months ago 1 min read

I do not care about the color of your hair

Nor your eyes

Nor your skin

You can practice teetotalism

Or like your tonic with extra gin


It’s none of my business who you consensually sleep with

Or how or where or why

I’ll accept you as a man or woman

Or however you self-identify


I couldn’t care less how you dress

In a turban, a shawl, or jeans

I do not care if you’re from Delaware

Or born in the Philippines


I am not bothered if you believe in the Father

Or you’re a mellow atheist

Or a Muslim

Or a Jain

Or a somewhere-in-betweenist


I’m fine if you’re a civilian

Or a soldier, or a vet

It’s okay if you use a white cane

Or you can sign me the alphabet


I do not care what you think

Or if you share my point of view

None of those things matter to me

And I hope they don’t matter to you


But there is one thing I do care about

And that is how you act

And here and now I’d appreciate it

If we made a simple pact


When you interact with a human

As we all must

Be compassionate

Be kind

Be fair

Be just


And if none of these things are possible

Because you’re cranky

Or angry

Or blue

Of course it’s your right

To take the day off

And let your psyche renew


But I have one last request

For when you’re not at your best

And you know your words are adverse

Don’t take the bait

Don’t spread the hate

And don’t make other lives worse

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Alex Casey

I'm a full-time educator and part-time writer. My best ideas usually end up on Vocal.

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